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Thank you for your interest in our e-mail lists and groups. We have three discussion groups and a number of information services on a verity of topics.

Memberships in these e-mail groups and lists are absolutely free. It is only asked that the rules be followed.

Articles are distributed free through the below groups and lists to those who by subscribing express an interest in receiving the material for non-profit educational or research purposes only. Use for profit is prohibited. (Title 17 U.S.C. section 107)

The views expressed in article are not necessarily the opinions of the group owner or moderators.

To join just click on the links below that interest you.

Discussion Groups

* Baptist Doctrine & History Discussion Group is for the discussion of Baptist distinctives, doctrine, history, Church & State Issues, and other current issues facing New Testament churches. Sincere questions are welcome, but don't join this Group if you just want to cause trouble, or push some false doctrine.

* Biblical World View Discussion Group is for the discussion of Doctrine, Apologetics, Bible Versions, Cults & Heresies, Christian Living, Christian Persecution, etc.

* Biblical Prophecy Discussion Group is for the study of Bible prophesy, including fulfilled prophesy, current signs, and future prophecies. Prophetic signs like the reestablishment of Israel as a nation, the NWO, mark of the beast technology, the increases in knowledge, wars, earthquakes, etc. are items of discussion.

Information Service Lists

* Christian Persecution Watch follows news stories concerning Christian persecution world wide.

* The Nation Israel Information Service is concerned with God's chosen earthly people, the Nation of Israel, their land, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount.

* Apologetics Information Service concerns Biblical Apologetics: Creationism, Prophecy, Bible Numerics, and other evidences as to the truth of Scripture.

* Which Bible Information Service deals with the Bible versions issue. We stand firmely behind the King James Bible as the inspired, inerrant, and infallable Word of God preserved in English.

* 6 6 6 Watch follows news on Mark of the Beast Technology prophesied in Revelation 13.

* New World Order Watch concerns the up and coming one world government, economy and religious systems of the soon to be revealed Antichrist.

* The Beginning Of Sorrows Information Service has to do with Christ's prophecy concerning the simultaneous increase of false christs, wars, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes which were to precessed the His second coming.

* Jude 3 Information Service is to keep Christians informed of false doctrines and heresies and to "earnestly contend for the Faith which was once delivered unto the saints" (Jude 3).


1. The KJV is the final authority for all faith and practice. It should be the only Bible used on this Forum.

2. It is asked that all be as kind as humanly possible in all discussions. This discussion group is for young people as well as adults, for new believers as well as those grounded in the Word, so let's set a good example.

3. Heed all ADMIN post of your host and the moderators that he appoints. The Forum will be strictly moderated. Hot heads and those pushing false doctrines will not be tolerated. Warnings will be issued to contentious persons. If unheeded they will either be banned or not allowed to post.

4. Please stay on topic! It is asked that short but clear SUBJECT headings be placed on e-mails when starting a discussion thread, and that those entering into the discussions stay within the thread topics. Please stay on topic. Send off topic posts directly to the individual(s) you want to correspond with, and not through the Fourm. We are looking for posts with Biblical substance.

5. Do not send post to others outside the group without the author(s) permission.